Virtual Environments: Class 8

This week in class we discussed the brief in more detail and talked about how everyone was getting on with their groups. We then discussed starting points and John gave us a few ideas about where to begin. 

We spoke also about how we would make the presentation. John told us that we could more or less make it in whatever way we feel best expresses our points and even gave an example of people acting it out one year. It was a very beneficial class as I think everyone was a little bit unsure of what was required of them.

Our group is now making some headway. Seeing as the title of the presentation is ‘who’s watching me?’ we have decided to look in to who we think are the three main watchers. These are, corporate companies like facebook or snapchat, perverts and catfish who can watch our public profiles and even download our images and the final watcher being our peers because as we all know, the majority of people are fond of a bit of a creep now and then.

We have divided out the topics so that each of us get a topic each. Killian is taking catfish and perverts(no surprise there), Graham is taking the corporate companies and I’m going to focus on our peers.

I am quite happy to have the topic I have and, now that we have a bit of direction, I look forward to making the prentation with Killian and Lethal.


Virtual Environments: Class 7

I was unable to join the class this week due to a family event. I spoke to my teammates online though and we had a discussion about how we were going to approach the project. Since last week we have obtained a new team member; LethalBacon1 or Graham as we like to call him.

We followed on from last week by doing some in depth searches into each other online including adding Graham into the mix. The results were quite interesting as old information starts to pop up that you forgot was even there.

We began to brainstorm about how our presentation will flow and will be laid out but we are still very much in the idea stage.

Virtual Environments: Class 6 (Group Project)

So far there hasn’t been much activity in our group other than a casual google search of each others names to see what comes up. I have set up the Facebook chat and myself and Killian have discussed briefly the way we will go about things. I have made numerous attempts to get in contact with Roxi but it appears she has left the module.

Myself and Killian are lucky enough to be in the same course so are both meeting the same deadlines. It was a mutual agreement that we both had too much going on this week and that we would begin brainstorming next week.

Virtual Environments: Class 6 (the importance of regulation, convention and etiquette in online communities)

I was unable to attend class on week six but I caught up on the class summary and visited the virtual ability island in my own time. I found it interesting that the entire layout and design of the sanctuary was made in a way so as nobody will be offended or frustrated.


I read Eric Stoller’s post; Digital Identity Development is a Process, and I found that there was quite a lot of interesting points made in the blog post. I thought that, ‘Be kind and unique’ was a light hearted way to start if the post but it was one of the best points in my opinion. There is a lot of negativity on the internet and people have arguments over social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even YouTube. These can be people who don’t even know each other but are being abusive, vulgar and rude to one another. This negativity brings no good what so ever and is a part of the online world that I wish did not exist.

The point of the internet having an everlasting memory was the most relevant to me. It had come to my attention in recent weeks before I had even read this post that maybe it was time to edit out parts of my online profiles from when I was younger. I am not embarrassed by anything that I have put up online but it just came to me that maybe a future employer might be a bit turned of by pictures of me and my friends gathered in a field drinking the cheapest lager that was available in Tesco that weekend. I feel that people need to be extremely cautious about what they upload to the web, especially these days where everything goes viral in a matter of minutes. That picture of you and your mates smoking joints on the beach may come back to haunt you some day and it could be the deciding factor  between you getting  your dream job or not. Regulation is something that us definitely needed when posting online and that is something I will live by from here on out.

Virtual Environments: Week 5

In class today we discussed how employers might interact with potential employees who have a large or active social presence. After this discussion the class visited Lauk’s Nest, one of the oldest natural parks in second life. Symeon Siamendes greeted us there and offered us some information about the park. I found it interesting to see the park and how it has lasted and remained the same over the years despite having numerous different owners. We ended the class with a discussion about businesses that exist in second life and how the linden dollars made in second life can be exchanged for real currency in the real world, which I found very fascinating.


After the class I looked at the tasks to be completed for the following week. I began by looking into the heron sanctuary on second life. I was shocked to say the least. I never thought about Second Life being used for such a thing as a community where people with disabilities could connect in confidence. I found it particularly interesting the point Gentle Heron made in an interview about The Heron Sanctuary of how having an online community can help people affected by a wide range of disabilities. For example the navigational system of second life, including running, walking, jumping and even flying, can be an escape for people that suffer from mobility disabilities. And the chat box being a useful tool for people with disabilities that render them non-speaking to converse with other people comfortably. It was definitely inspiring.


I then looked at the Human of New York Facebook page and what goes on there. There is a lot of positive posts on the page and I found that even the posts that don’t resolve anything are positive in the manner of letting people know they are not alone and there are other people out there that are dealing with the same issues you are.

Looking at these extremely positive online presences helped me to realise that there really is massive benefits to creating an online identity, be it as a form of helping people or to spread positive vibes or in my case to promote myself. I looked at the infographic that is linked in the class summary and the two that stood out to me was:

  • 1 – To get a professional headshot
  • 2 – To be discoverable online.

I had thought of making a website for a long time or to even have a self promotional Facebook page but just been putting it off. I had never before thought about getting a professional headshot, though. It makes perfect sense after reading this as I feel it would go a long way and give a very professional look to your website/social media page.


I had already been using Instagram as a from of self promotion, as a design student, but hadn’t really been active. The above resources have inspired me to become active daily if possible on my account and over the Christmas period I plan on creating a website for my work.


Virtual environments: Class 4

In class four we had a guest lecturer in that goes by the name of Sitearm Madonna. Sitearm spoke to us about his experiences in second life and in group work. He gave us some do’s and don’ts when doing group work on SL that i found to be quite useful. We were also given our groups and assigned our brief for our group project. I spoke to one of the members of my group about how we would communicate and we decided that we thought facebook would be best as it is easy to use via phone or computer and also it is very useful for making group chats so that everyone can be included in the one conversation. I haven’t spoken to our other group member, roxi, as I have had trouble finding her on second life and social media. I hope to speak to her at the next class and finalize something with both herself and Killian.

Virtual Environments: Class 3

londonSo today I went to london city and spoke to some people in second life. It was quite interesting to hear all the different accents and gain some understanding of how many people actually use the application. I found most people quite easy to talk to, others were either not very interested or had really bad reception. It was quite a weird way to meet people that I will probably never see in person in my whole life. An odd experience to say the least I dont think I would make it a hobby!